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Farmcote Herbs and Chilli Peppers

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Padron Mild or Scotch Bonnets?

We sell over 30 different Chilli Peppers from Mild (such as Padron Mild) to medium (Joe's Long and Golden Cayenne) to very hot (Scotch Bonnet and Habenero Chocolate).

All our Chilli plants are sold as very attactive fruiting plants in plastic, terracotta or ceramic pots. The make ideal presents - available from June.

Tim attending to Chilli plants


Chilli Plants for sale Chilli plants for sale


AJI MANGO.Dark green to orange. Lovely fruity flavour, 2 inches long.    Scoville 30,000-50,000
AMANDO F1.heavy cropper, fruits up to 8 inces. Green to red.                  Scoville 30,000-50,000
ANCHO POBLANO. Annuum. Mild/ Medium heat. Thick walled chilli. Ideal for stuffing, stir fries, Mexican cooking, drying. Sweet flavour.Normally eated green but can be left to turn red if wanted to dry.                                                                                                                        Scoville 1,000
APACHE F1.Good yielder and flavour.Dwarf plant.Hot.                            Scoville 70,000-80,000
BHUT JOLOKIA. Very hot red chilli. Can not be eaten raw.                     scoville.800,00-1,000,000
CAROLINA REAPER One of the world’s hottest chillies (wear gloves) Sco.1,000,000- 1,500,000
FAIRY LIGHTS. Very attractive, colourful, compact plant. Producing fruit from purple, to orange to red. Dark leaves and purple flowers.                                                                  Scoville 45,000
GOAT HORN, good for Thai cooking, stays green for a long time before turning red.                                                                                                                                                Scoville 3,000-5,000                          
HABENERO FATALI .Cap.Chinense .Bright yellow, wrinkled fruit Very hot.
HABENERO PAPER LANTERN. Not as hot as many habeneros.Ripens to red. Heavy cropper.
Scoville 70,000-85,000
HABENERO KATIE. Large fruit, turning very, very hot, green to red.  Scoville 1,000,000-1,500,000

JOE’S LONG. Tallish plant produces long slim fruit up to 8 inches.Med.  Scoville 30,000-50,000
LEMON DROP. Baccatum.  Tall plant,fruit turning green to yellow .Citrus flavour 1 ½ inch,especially when under ripe Very good cropper. Med – hot.                                       Scoville   15,000-30,000
MASQUERADE,Cap.Frutescens .Pretty small bushy plant,  2 inch fruit starting purple,to yellow, orange & red. Med/hot                                                                                  Scoville 60,000-70,000
NAGA JOLIKIA. From northern India. Long thin fruit, starting
green and maturing to red. Very hot.                                                             Scoville 855,000-1,000,000
NUMEX TWILIGHT, very attractive, good houseplant Produces 2cm. long fruit, starts purple & changing to yellow,orange and finally red Ht. 18 inches.                                  Scoville 50,000-80,00
PADRON. Best eaten green.Good for stuffing, & salads. Mainly mild, 1 in 10 hot.              Sco.500-2,500       

PRIMERO RED.Mild Habenero with a high yield. Quite large fruit with a rich flavour. Ideal in Salsas. Turning from green to red, Med heat.                                                                                    Scoville 40-50,000
RING OF FIRE, good shape, crops & dries well, cayenne type fruit, good for windowsills.   Sco. 60,000-85,000             
ROOSTER SPUR. Bushy plant producing loads of small hot chillies which grow up right,    Sco. 100-150,000
SCOTCH BONNET RED .Good pungent fruity flavour. Hot                                    Scoville 80,000-350,000
SCOTCH BONNET YELLOW. A scotch bonnet variety, producing globular shaped fruit, pale green to yellow. Hot & pungency. Short bushy plant Fruit size 4x3 cm.                                              Scoville 100,000-300,000
SWEET CONFETTI. Cap.Annuum. Mild, mini bell,sweet & crunchy thin walled fruit, and chameleon coloured. Ripen from lightly striped green to red.                                                                                                          Mild
SWEET & SPICY Annuum.Mild, sweet with a hint of spice. Fruit 7-9cm. green to red.Bushy plant 25-35 cm. tall, green to orange/red.
THAI DRAGON. Cayenne type. Good all rounder. Dries well. Medium size plant 1 ½ ft. lots of chillies.  Over winters well.                                                                                                               Scoville 75,000-150,000
THAI GREEN CURRY.Cap.Annuum.Nice dark green 6 inch chilli, ideal for Thai cooking. Best used green.Fruit full of flavour but mild to medium heat. Large bushy plant will need staking.          Scoville
TRINIDAD MORUGA SCORPION(new) One of the worlds hottest chillies. Wrinkled pod, green to red.     
                                                                                                                                   Scoville up to 2,000,000
ZIMBAMWE BIRD. Small bushy plant producing masses small red,hot chillies. Over winters well, good for window sills.                                                                                                       Scoville 200,000-350,000                                                    

Most plants are 3-5 year perennials    -   Heat scale 0 mild to 5, very hot.


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